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Congress Invitation

To all ITF affiliated organisations

2 November 2009

Dear Friends,

42nd Congress of the ITF, Mexico City, 2010

I have pleasure in inviting you to nominate your delegates and advisers to attend the 42nd Congress of the ITF taking place in Mexico City in August 2010.

The Congress will be held from:

Thursday 5 August - Thursday 12 August 2010 (inclusive).

In addition to usual Congress events, two special conferences are also being organised for the 2010 Congress. A Youth conference will be held on Tuesday 3 August and a Climate Change and Transport conference will be held on Wednesday 4 August. Further details on both these events can be found on this invitation.

The venue for the Congress will be:

Hilton Mexico City Reforma Hotel & Convention Centre
Avenida Juárez 70, Colonia Centro
Mexico City, DF 06010
Telephone: (52 55) 5130 5300
Fax: (52 55) 5130 5285


The Agenda and Timetable fixed by the ITF Executive Board for the 42nd Congress are provided in the attached booklet “All about Congress”.


Aspects of representation generally are dealt with in the attached booklet “All about Congress”. Please read the information carefully as it will enable you to work out the correct number of delegates your union is entitled to send. Please note that the membership declared on the Annual Membership Questionnaire for 2010 will be the figure on which your union’s delegate entitlement and voting rights will be based, and that unions must be up to date with affiliation fees to send delegates to the Congress.

The Constitution states that organisations shall aim to ensure that the number of women delegates shall be at least proportional to their share of the union's membership. Nevertheless, each delegation consisting of more than three persons shall aim to include at least one woman delegate. The Executive Board is also requesting that your union should, as far as possible, include one or more young transport workers (up to the age of 35) in your delegation. A Constitutional amendment on this issue will be submitted to Congress.

Special Events at Congress

Youth Conference – Tuesday 3 August

At our last Congress in Durban in 2006, on the initiative of the Mongolian Transport, Communications and Petroleum Workers’ Union, the ITF started developing work in the area of young transport workers. The goal is to involve young workers more in the work of the ITF, and to make our work more relevant for young workers. Young people themselves should play a major role in the planning of activities which are designed to make the work of the ITF significant to young people.

The Executive Board has continuously received reports, detailing the rapid development of work in the area of young transport workers. Debates have covered issues of particular concern for young workers, such as wages and two tier workforces, precarious work and Trade Union rights. Since then, we have built a global network of more than 150 young transport workers from around the world, from all the ITF’s industrial sections. The work is lead by a Steering Committee.

In 2010, Congress will stage the ITF’s first ever Youth Conference and we will use this as a springboard to develop the work even further. Please make sure your organisation participates in this important event. Through this courageous and progressive step forward, we will strengthen the international Trade Union movement of today and start to engage in organising the future.

Climate Change and Transport Conference – Developing a global policy on climate change and transport – Wednesday 4 August

The ITF’s Climate Change and Transport Conference will precede the opening of Congress being held on Wednesday 4 August 2009. During workshops and plenary sessions, we will be discussing the politics and economics of climate change, how the transport industry contributes to and will be affected by climate change, the issues and concerns of transport workers and unions, and how transport unions internationally can play a role in fighting for a just transition and a sustainable transport industry.

The global union movement is mobilising to respond to climate change issues. Transport is responsible for 15% of global emissions, and is a sector where emissions continue to rise in both industrialised and developing countries. The enormous growth of carbon emissions in both passenger and freight transport is a significant failure of free-market transport policies. These are the same policies that the ITF and its affiliates have challenged for causing massive job losses and the driving down of transport workers’ terms and conditions of employment world-wide.

Delegates will have a chance to exchange experiences and concrete examples of workplace/industry environmental initiatives. The conference will debate a draft global policy on climate change and transport for adoption at the ITF 42nd Congress taking place immediately after the climate change conference.


All participants – delegates, observers, visitors and guests (including accompanying persons wishing to enter the Congress venue or attend receptions) – must register with the ITF Secretariat before Congress.

Registration will take place at the Hilton Mexico City Reforma Convention Centre from 08:30 to 10:30 on 3 August, from 08:00 to 09:30 and 15:00 to 19:00 on 4 August and then from 08:00 to 10:00 on 5 August. We would ask that all participants register as early as possible in order to ensure the smooth running of the Congress.

Hotel Accommodation

Information on hotel accommodation is given in the attached booklet “All about Congress”. We would ask everybody attending Congress to ensure that they use these hotels as they are good quality hotels within easy reach of the Convention Centre and are in an area of the city in which security measures are maximised. Listed in “All about Congress” are details of the requirements needed from each participant in order for them to qualify for the specially negotiated ITF rates. Participants with internet access should reserve their accommodation when registering online via the ITF website. All reservations must be made through the ITF Travel & Events team via the web pages.


Online Hotel Reservation and Delegates registration is available on the ITF website.

Please complete your online registration as soon as possible, but in any event by no later than 1 May 2010, in order to guarantee that a hotel reservation is made for you. Please note that the ITF will not be able to guarantee any bookings made after this date.

Submission of Motions

Paragraph 14 of Rule IV of the ITF Constitution reads “Motions for consideration by an Ordinary Congress shall be submitted so as to reach the General Secretary at least four months before Congress begins…” We therefore ask you to ensure that any motions, or proposals which you may wish to make, reach me no later than 5 April 2010. Guidance for affiliates on the drafting of Congress Motions is included in the attached booklet “All about Congress”.

Assistance towards cost of attendance

A limited budget has been established for providing assistance to unions which would, otherwise, be unable to participate in the Congress. The responsibility for the allocation of assistance has been delegated to the General Secretary by the Executive Board. For further information on making an application for assistance please see “All about Congress”. Any affiliate wishing to submit a request for assistance must indicate on their online registration form or submit a written request to me by 4 January 2010 .


Simultaneous interpretation will be provided in the following languages: English, French, German, Spanish, Swedish, Japanese and Russian. Limited facilities may be available for other unions wishing to bring interpreters at their own expense. If you wish to take advantage of this possibility, please notify Garry Preddy on or by fax on + 44 20 7357 7871 by 31 January 2010.


The ITF has appointed Mexicana as the official airline for the its 42nd Congress. For flight reservations please contact Jane Wilson at Dovetail Foks (the ITF’s travel agency), telephone + 44 20 7025 1515 / fax + 44 20 7025 1519 / e-mail:

Reservations must be made through the ITF’s appointed travel agent in order to qualify for the special ITF rates negotiated with Mexicana. Please be sure to advise that you are an ITF Congress participant when making contact with them.

We would urge you to make reservations as far in advance as possible in order to reduce your travel costs.


Information on arrival formalities including passport and visa applications is provided in ”All about Congress”. Congress participants coming from countries for which a Mexican entry visa is required must allow adequate time for a visa to be processed and should, therefore, apply as quickly as possible. If you experience any problems in obtaining visas, please contact our Travel & Events team immediately.

All participants must ensure that they have at least 6 months’ validity remaining on their passport. Please also note that a minimum of two blank pages in your passport is required for entry into Mexico. If you are transiting through another country en route to/from Mexico please also check any visa requirements for that country.


Please note that the ITF does not provide insurance cover for, and does not accept responsibility for, medical problems or other losses incurred during travel to or from or during attendance at Congress. You are strongly advised to take out appropriate travel insurance to provide this cover.


The ITF will be hosting a Congress opening reception on Thursday 5 August at:

Palacio Vizcaínas
Vizcaínas 21
Mexico City
DF 06080

Full details will be available at a later date.

ITF Website

Please note the ITF Congress web pages are updated regularly to include full information about the 42nd Congress.

“All about Congress”

Your complete guide to Congress “All about Congress” is available online. Please read through this carefully and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

41st Congress, Durban, 2-9 August 2006

Please find below the Proceedings of the 41st ITF Congress, which took place in Durban from 2-9 August 2006.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Yours fraternally,

David Cockroft
General Secretary

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