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Note on Assistance Towards Cost of Attendance

The Constitution states that the ITF shall not contribute to meeting the costs of a delegation's attendance at a Congress unless, in special cases, the Executive Board decides otherwise. Congress is the ITF’s most important democratic body and the only one in which all paid-up affiliates have the right to participate. However, many ITF members do not have sufficient means to do so, so the Board has traditionally dedicated a proportion of the total Congress budget to support assisted delegates.

On this occasion the board has decided that assistance should be subject to a number of conditions, as follows:

1. That the union concerned should not be in arrears with its affiliation fees;

2. That unions should try to meet part of the costs involved;

3. That priority is given only to those unions that cannot afford to send even one delegate;

4. That, if more than one union in any one country is seeking help, they should first explore the possibility of pooling their own resources and sending a delegate empowered by proxy (see Rule IV, paragraph 7 of the ITF Constitution) to represent organisations other than his/her own;

5. That country-based grants may be made in this instance (4), where cooperative endeavour is clearly demonstrated;

6. That a percentage proportion of Congress assistance budget should be set aside to support female delegates, and that this proportion should be 20 per cent;

7. That exceptions may be made to facilitate the participation of young workers, women or delegates from the host region who would otherwise be unable to attend.

Affiliates wishing to apply for assistance must write to the General Secretary not later than 4 January 2010.