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Paddy Crumlin elected new president

12 August 2010

Paddy Crumlin*
Paddy Crumlin*

Paddy Crumlin was today elected the new ITF president Paddy Crumlin, national secretary of the Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) at the ITF Congress.

The president’s task is to help hold the organisation to account between congresses, which set its policy for the following four years. Paddy Crumlin is the twenty-second person to take on the post.

Speaking from Mexico, Crumlin said: “I’m excited to be able to take on this new role and play my part in moving the work of the ITF, its hundreds of affiliated unions and their millions of members forward through the implementation of a comprehensive organising programme focused on trade union regeneration and revitalisation.”

Congress also elected: Emmanuel Mensah, Ghana North as Africa and Arab World vice-president; Ritchie Hughes, US, as America vice-president and Severino Almeida as Latine America and the Caribbean. The European group and women’s group deferred nominations for vice-president pending further consultations prior to next executive board.

Gold badges to reward long service and dedication were awarded to: Carla Winkler, IAMAW, US; Pat Friend, Association of Flight Attendants Workers of America; Brian Orrell, Nautilus International UK; Rafael Grigera, ITF Americas, Peter McEwen, Nautilus International UK, Jan Kahmann, Verdi, Germany and Randall Howard, outgoing ITF president.

Congress closed today with a mass rally through the streets of Mexico City to call for trade union rights. Some 1366 participants representing 368 unions from 112 countries were expected to take part.

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